Features of a Mid-Century Modern Home

Thanks to popular television shows and films like “Mad Men,” interest in the mid-century modern era is hotter than ever. Usually referred to as the era between the late 1950s to the early 1970s, homes from this time period often feature bright or pastel colors, clean lines and accent pieces that feature star bursts and other fun patterns. Even if you live in a contemporary home built in the last few years, you can still add a touch of glam to your interior and exterior spaces with vintage decor and modern pieces made to look vintage.

Opt for Danish Furniture

The most popular furniture from this era came from overseas. Both Swedish and Danish designers picked up a number of fans. Most pieces use lighter colors of wood like teak or use a lighter finish added to the surface of the wood. Angled or slanted legs were extremely popular, especially on types of furniture like buffets and hutches. Though some of the inexpensive furniture from this era isn't quite as solid as you would like, you can find brand new furniture that mimics the look of those classic pieces.

Add Some Curbside Appeal With a Modern Mailbox

Make the exterior of your home match the MCM design of the interior with fun accent pieces like a brand new mailbox. Modern Mailbox makes sleek metal mailboxes that use a combination of black, white, and pastel colors. You can easily install one right next to your front door that will make you smile every time you walk outside. Opt for vintage decorations like a bullet planter too. Older bullet planters feature a fiberglass bullet shell inside a metal frame, but modern versions use a stronger type of plastic for the shell. These planters can hold all your favorite plants and work with any modern mailbox design you pick.

Wood Paneling

When watching shows from the MCM era, it’s almost impossible to miss the wood paneling featured on walls in various rooms throughout the house. Wood paneling got a bad reputation in later years, and many of those who owned homes with paneling actually removed the walls completely or painted over the wood. As wood paneling can easily overwhelm a room, you can get the look with an accent wall covered in this paneling. Paneling on the wall behind your couch can create an instant focal point and make your living room look a little cozier.

Swap Out Light Fixtures and Outlets

Modern light fixtures have a tendency to look a little drab. Think about the recessed lighting or those frosted ceiling light covers that you see in so many houses today. Some of the top Mid-Century Modern light fixtures incorporate more than one material like a metal frame with multiple metal parts that support shades made from fiberglass or paper. In addition to swapping out your fixtures, you can try replacing your outlets too. New outlet coverings that look like boomerangs will add to the vintage look of your home.

Choose the Right Colors

Choosing the right colors can make your home match the mid-century modern look that you love. Pastels were very popular during this era, especially shades of turquoise and pink. Even Pyrex introduced a line of mixing bowls and cookware in these shades. Some preferred warmer colors like orange and olive green. While these colors bring a touch of nature indoors, these colors were more common in the 1970s. You can also bring in deeper shades like emerald green and royal blue, which were popular well into the 60s.

Make your home match the mid-century modern era with small changes that can make a big difference in your home’s overall design.

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