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Modern Mailboxes, the Perfect Addition to Your Mid-Century Modern Home

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior with Modern Mailbox

The time period from the end of World War II until the late 1960s saw the United States building homes in suburbia, while moving into the post-war era and the modern age. The "Atomic Ranch" style home became popular, as Americans wanted to enjoy a simpler lifestyle, and more functional house designs took hold. The current popularity of the Retro movement, as well as shows such as "Mad Men", have propelled this design trend back into the mainstream, and fueled the desire for mid century modern designs, just like that at Modern Mailbox.

For many people, owning a mid century modern home is a dream come true, especially if they can complete the look with authentic-looking furniture and finishing touches. These homes are in high demand throughout the country, thanks to an ever-growing number of retro home enthusiasts, with the means and desire to preserve and restore buildings from the post-war times.

Mid-Century Modern Quality & Style

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior with Modern Mailbox

Mid century modern homes are notable for their flat or slightly angled roofs, clean lines, and many windows. They are usually built on concrete slabs and feature wood, brick, stone, tile and plaster. Often, interiors have Formica counters and aluminum window frames, if they have not been remodeled or updated. It is difficult to find MCM homes in their original condition, so restoration and renovation are almost always required. Doing so while honoring the mid century modern aesthetic with color, furnishings, décor and landscaping is important to preserve the style.

The mid century modern home designers used natural materials, concrete, and huge glass windows to bring the outdoors inside. Interior designers used contemporary geometric designs and patterns. Artists Jackson Pollock, Ray and Charles Eames and architect Eero Saarinen rose to prominence, and their influence was felt throughout the nation. Color palettes for homes and interiors tended to be neutrals or natural colors punctuated by bright pops of color. Unusual combinations of highly-saturated colors were also very common.

Why Mailboxes?

Horizontal Wall Mounted Mid Century Modern Mailbox
In 2015, after finishing an extensive restoration of his mid-century era home, owner Rob Baker became obsessed with the need to find the perfect finishing details for his home. As is often the case with such projects, finding these vintage details proved costly and often impossible.


Rob gave up on the search for a vintage mailbox to restore, and decided to build his own. After countless mock-ups and trial runs, he found the design that is now the model used at Mid Century Modern Mailbox. Rob started the company as a small shop on Etsy, but quickly found a demand for retro mailboxes. Rob began making these wall-mounted mailboxes, and shipping them to people around the country.

Every mailbox sold is handmade in the United States, and inspired by homeowners like you and Rob Baker. The design aesthetics come straight from his research into the authentic designs, from the angles and size, to the color palette and color combinations. The clean lines perfectly reflect the modern mailbox movement toward more geometric shapes.

Enhance the curb appeal and the finished look of your mid century modern home project with a classy mailbox. High-quality stainless steel construction, with period-appropriate color palettes in one, two and three-color combinations, as well as the hidden hardware, all combine to make a perfect quality, long-lasting product for your home. These wall-mounted mailboxes feature top-opening lids, available either with or without locks.                                                 

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