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For the past 20 years, I have been obsessed with Mid-Century Modern design. My first memory of experiencing Mid-Century Modernism was opening up a box of Franciscan Stoneware in the “Sputnik” pattern my parents had stored in our garage under my father’s work bench after my grandparents had passed. The box sat there for years, dusty and unappreciated. . . a time capsule waiting for someone to uncover its true beauty and inspiration. As a young teenager, I remember carefully unwrapping a few plates, still covered in a vintage newspaper from the 1950s. The disproportionate shapes, the atomic inspired pattern. . . this was something different, something that clearly went against the grain and made a statement. As a young kid in a small town in Idaho, I was immediately hooked!

My wife and I have spent more than a decade collecting original, Mid-Century Modern furniture, art, and home décor to fill our 1953 modern home. To some, it seems a little crazy, but every square inch of our home is decked out in original mod décor—except the one eyesore that all Mid-Century Modern enthusiasts know: their mailbox. I searched for years without any luck. Nothing fit the unique characteristics of our modern home. All the modern mailboxes were either reproductions, too industrial, too expensive, or just not what I was looking for.

While walking our two miniature dachshunds through our post-war neighborhood, it was the same story: every cool Mid-Century Modern or atomic ranch home had a horrible, unappealing mailbox. Enough was enough, I told my wife that I was going to attempt to make my own mailbox.

Many late nights were spent and many poster board mock-ups were built until I was finally able to develop a super clean, modern design we both fell in love with. Our blood, sweat, and tears have poured into this beauty. We hope you love your Modern Mailbox as much as we do.

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