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Mid Century Modern Light Switch & Outlet Covers


Being a huge mid-century modern enthusiast and an avid collector of iconic furniture pieces by Charles and Ray Eames, I truly appreciate the ground-breaking innovations they created for future generations of fabricators, designers and makers. Think about it, who would have ever thought techniques for molding plywood to create leg splints for the U.S. Air Force in the 1940s would have turned into the future inspiration and development of classics like their LCW (Lounge Chair Wood), DCW (Dining Chair Wood), LCM (Lounge Chair Metal) and DCM (Dining Chair Metal) as the “best design of the century” by Time Magazine in 1999.

Using a humble, readily available material such as plywood and turning it into something that truly ties an entire room together is a huge undertaking. To create more of an obstacle, taking a utilitarian item like an outlet cover or light switch plate and making it a statement was a larger task. Then again, we are always up for a challenge.

Mid Century Modern Home Interior | Mid Century Modern Light Switch Cover

Modern Mailbox has expanded efforts to the indoors with our sister company Modern Light Switch; mid-century modern inspired light switch and outlet covers. Using similar approaches, techniques and strategies as Charles and Ray Eames, our modern light switch and outlet covers are made in the USA out of walnut and Birch featuring a durable multi-layered baltic birch plywood core. 

Our atomic age inspired patterns are a quick and easy way to add that touch of retro vibe to any room in your home. Offering left and right versions of our light switch and outlet covers gives one the ability to mix it up and go against the grain. Who says outlet and light switch covers can’t be fun? We love how they turned out and we hope you do too!

All modern light switch and outlet covers are 7 1/8" x 4 3/4" x 1/4"


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