Modern Mailboxes Inspired By Mid Century Modern Design

Modern Mailbox creates original, Mid Century inspired modern mailboxes for homeowners with a passion for retro design. Handmade in America, featuring clean modern lines and hidden hardware, our stainless steel mailbox is the final step to creating the perfect Mid Century Modern or Atomic Ranch home.

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Mid Century Modern Mailbox

The design era we call "Mid Century Modern" spans the time after World War II until approximately 1970. Houses built during this period reflect post-war America's desire to enter the modern era. Many houses are described as the "Atomic Ranch" style.

The emphasis in design was on natural materials and a floor plan that flows seamlessly from indoor to outdoor spaces. Contemporary patterns, simplified forms, functional forms but a hip style all see their place in the Mid Century Modern home.

The era was marked by innovative architects and designers like Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson and Eero Saarinen, as well as unique artists such as Jackson Pollock. Their designs and artwork reflected the aesthetic of simple lines; pure forms stripped down to the essentials and the abandonment of excessive details and flourishes.

This focus on pure design reflected the Baby-Boom times of low-cost, easy living in the suburbs. Careful use of colors, meticulous craftsmanship, and clean lines marked interior and exterior designs. Materials such as steel, concrete, and glass were more in use after the war, and architectural elements saw a more geometric and abstract shape.

Paint cards and palettes from the era show a wide variety of color options, often trending towards neutrals and earth colors with pops of bright accent colors. Form following function became the key in design.

When you own a Mid Century Modern home, you need to spend time remodeling and updating the home due to its age and wear. This type of project can be expensive and time-consuming. In the end, finding the perfect finishing touches can be the most frustrating part of the task. However, without those details, the project lacks the overall punch you have been trying to achieve.

The Birth of Modern Mailbox

 In 2015, after searching for a modern wall mounted mailbox that would match his original mod décore, Rob Baker decided he needed to design his own modern mailbox. He spent many late nights building poster board mock-ups and developing many ideas until he came up with a design he and his wife fell in love with.

The modern mailbox has a contemporary feel but still matches the Mid Century look of Rob's house. Rob went on and created a company to make a modern wall mounted mailbox for other homeowners seeking the perfect finishing touch for their projects. Curb appeal is vital, and leaving a restoration project with one puzzle piece missing is not acceptable. The Modern Mailbox products let perfectionists, like you and Rob Baker, have a functional, secure mail solution for your Mid Century Modern home.

These stainless steel mailboxes are made in America, just like the originals were in the 1950s and 1960s, but with improvements on the vintage design. The cost is more budget-friendly than buying and restoring a vintage mid century modern mailbox, if you can find one at all. The two- and three- tone designs accent the clean lines and graphic designs of the modern mailbox and your mid century modern home exterior.

Color palettes for Mid Century Modern designs were anything but shy, and the contemporary mailbox designs follow this visual spectrum. The choices of saturated colors applied in a powder-coated finish suit the style perfectly. Bold geometric designs and whimsical motifs plus unexpected color combinations are the hallmarks of the MCM style.

Every contemporary mailbox here is custom handmade in America from durable 16-gauge stainless steel. All the hardware is hidden, so it will not detract from your finished exterior design. Customers rave that the modern mailboxes bring a genuinely Mid Century Modern look to their homes, and the boxes are "stunning," "well-built and solid," and "even better up close." The boxes feature top-opening lids. A locking mailbox and come with or without keyed locks. A locking mailbox option is also available for added security. And for those in need of a modern mailbox with post, modern mailbox is happy to accommodate. 

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